Friday, October 28, 2011

A Southern Season, Two Cookbook Signings, UNC Homecoming, My Twins, and SavorNC Magazine!!

What more could I ask for!  I am heading to Chapel Hill, NC for the weekend.  I have the car loaded with my cookbooks and some treats to be at A Southern Season for their event, "A Taste of the South" to be held all day on Saturday, October 29th.   It is homecoming at Chapel Hill and my twins, Chris and Megan, will be on hand to see their mother.  Anyone in the area, please come and visit me for a fantastic fun filled day!!

Look for me on October 29th at Southern Seasons in Chapel Hill. I'll be assisting Sara Foster as well as representing SavorNC magazine. To round the day off, I'll be doing a book signing myself for Laurie Bakke's Cookbook! My blog: Southern Seasons Event:

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

A Hearty Soup Meal!

Sunday - October 9, 2011
It is soup time in the Bakke household.  We have cleaned out and defrosted refrigerators and freezers, trimmed and racked the garden and watched football today in preparation for getting ready for the fall season.  And what is next? The Holidays!!!  It is a busy but wonderful time of the year.  We are planning on traveling out to Colorado for Christmas and must starting getting in the mood now.  What better way than soup and a beautiful roaring fire.

It has felt like a soup day to me on this beautiful fall day.  It is hard to choose which recipe because in all my years of cooking, I would have to say soups are one of my favorite meals to prepare.  I went to my tried and true - Italian Sausage, White Bean and Pasta Soup.  I have had more people, especially one dear friend, who have said how much they enjoy making this recipe out of the cookbook for their family.

Soup spells comfort and this hearty soup is exactly what people yearn for on a chilly fall or winter night.  This recipe makes a large amount, so plan for a crowd or freeze some for another evening.  Personally, I am planning on giving my mother some for her dinner tomorrow.

I will have this recipe posted under The Recipe Section.  This was you can print the recipe to make the soup.  Please leave comments on on your experience with cooking and eating the soup.
Happy Cooking!