Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fountainhead Cookbook Book Club invites Laurie Bakke to join!

Exciting news! The Fountainhead Cookbook Book Club has invited Laurie to join their group on a permanent basis. She is truly delighted considering their history of book signings and events they've done together over the past year. As part of this fun venture, group members will be preparing recipes from their featured cookbook of the month, The Art of The Artichoke. Being the first of many, this gives members the opportunity to share in the joy of preparing some amazing recipes from some of their other fellow chefs. 

The featured recipe for this month is the Rum Glazed Pound Cake with Fresh Berries. A fabulous dessert for a lazy summer day. Visit Laurie's web site for more details. 

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Laurie's other passion .... organic gardening!

As you can see, Laurie also spends quite a bit of time outside her kitchen and in her beautiful gardens. She feels it is very important to have the healthiest and freshest ingredients to work with when cooking. 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Laurie's cookbook now available at Cliff Dwellers Gift Shop in Chimney Rock Park!

Exciting news! Laurie Bakke has added a new retailer to her list of book locations "Cliff Dwellers Gift Shop" at Chimney Rock Park!

Named after the old inn that used to be situated on the mountainside before the elevator was installed, the gift shop (located at the tunnel entrance) is a great place to visit anytime during the year. So consider stopping by and picking up a copy of Laurie's cookbook. Hopefully, you'll be able to spare a few extra minutes to sit in one of their comfy rockers while you peruse through your new book and enjoy the vista of Hickory Nut Gorge and Lake Lure from their front porch!

Please also note that there will be a book signing sometime in October. Visit Laurie's event calendarFacebook page, or this Blog to find out the exact date!

Click here for directions to the Cliff Dwellers Gift Shop.

Monday, July 16, 2012

Summertime fun outside the kitchen!

Laurie has been busy not only in the kitchen, but also enjoying the summer with her friends and family! 

It all started in late June with Laurie's Cape Cod trip. They usually go with old Chicago friends, Chuck & Tosh Kimball and Armen & Patty Kholamian.  The Kimballs and Kholamians have been going for 7 years or so and the Bakkes have  joined in on the last two years.  Chuck was born and raised on the Cape and has many, many relatives that come and go through the times that they are there.  When these groups of friends get together they have a lot fun!!  They typically rent a large home by Nauset Beach and try to go to the beach everyday, if the girls aren't shopping in nearby Chatham. 

Her next venture took place on July 2, which was also Laurie's birthday. Earlier in the day, she went to the Purple Onion in Saluda with Paul, Chris, and Megan. Her family then left Hendersonville for Lake Summit on July 3rd. Celebrating the 4th of July has always been a fun ritual for the entire family. The lake puts on a fabulous fireworks display that is very impressive.  There is also a large boat parade with serious water fights with balloons being thrown, hoses etc. It's truly a blast! So they all gather with her Mom, various sisters, their children, nieces and nephews and plenty of friends.  Although, this time they had a very special occasion to celebrate before heading out on water to watch the fireworks. Laurie's daughter had surprised her with a "Flag cake" for her birthday (which she found on Pinterest). It was quite yummy & very festive! 

Take a moment to enjoy all of these great moments captured below! 

Friday, July 13, 2012

A fresh garden salad made with chick-peas!

Laurie has a special tomato and cucumber salad recipe with fresh Basil and Dill from her garden for those chick-pea lovers! Visit Laurie's web site for details.

See what Laurie recommends for the Basil Lovers ... 

Check out this refreshing Basil Green Tea Gelato recipe from Sumptious Spoonfuls!